Water / Air Purification

Clean Water Revival, Inc.
Dr. Roy M. Speiser
7897 SW Jack James Dr., Suite C
Stuart, Florida 34997
P. 800-444-3563F. (772) 266-8348
E. sales@cwrenviro.com
CWR has 30 years experience in providing cost effective, custom designed filtration solutions to create healthy indoor environments.

CWR provides over 150 air and water filtration products to remove a wide range of contaminants found in well and municipal supplied water. Contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, chloramine, fluoride, lead, industrial chemicals and microbes are all eliminated with advanced multi-stage filtration technologies. Dr. Roy Speiser, V.P. is a biochemist, bacteriologist, health care practitioner and has achieved a Level 5 Water Specialist Certification. According to Dr. Speiser, "clean water and air are required to maintain health and to promote healing." CWR uses proven filtration systems that guarantee clean and safe air and water.
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