Membership Criteria

An independent leads organization based on the concept of Friendship Networking.

MCBE members: Business managers who respect good business.

MCBE networks on the basis of friendship and familiarity; we regularly do business with each other and feel comfortable referring friends and associates to fellow members. There is no “lead tracking” or compensation between members for referrals, other than the knowledge that the referral will be treated fairly. However, members who attend regularly and give business presentations attest to the effectiveness of this system of informal referrals.

Regular meeting attendance is vital to Friendship Networking.

We meet every Wednesday (except holidays) at 7:30 AM in Stuart. As an independent organization, we do not support a franchise or other outside structure. Dues of $150 per quarter include weekly breakfast. (A $25 processing fee is added to first quarter new member application.)

If you are an owner or in a management position in a business that does not substantially conflict with members in our current roster and you practice principles of good business, we invite you to contact us for more information or to begin the application process.

*Participation in MCBE is limited to one member per business category.

For further Membership information, please contact:
Jeff Bowers – 2022 Membership Chair
Masterpiece Design/Build
(772) 283-2096 |

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